Willow Weddings church pews used for Chase Rice's new video, "Amen"!

We are so excited to kick off our new website and this blog with big news — country music star Chase Rice chose our church pews to use in the music video for his latest release "Amen"! You can watch it below on YouTube.

When we were first contacted by Chase's team, we actually had not yet heard of him (don't worry, Mary Sue's son set her straight and informed her that he was a big up-and-coming country music star). Not only had we not heard of this talented artist, we were in the process of loading our pews for a celebrity wedding to be held in Hendersonville, TN.

This is where things got complicated! For those of you who haven't worked with us, we often call on a couple of our favorite high school boys to help with the heavy lifting. With this shoot being on a Wednesday afternoon, they wouldn't be available… though I'm sure they would have loved to skip school mid-week to take an impromptu trip to Nashville. We were determined to get our pews to the shoot and to keep all of our high school boys where they belong — learning!

So that left the two of us, ever up for a new challenge, strapping eight of our vintage pews onto our 16-foot trailer and personally delivering those beauties to a wonderful refurbished church venue near Vanderbilt University. If you haven't yet had the opportunity to maneuver a 16-foot trailer through Nashville's downtown traffic during rush hour, we do not recommend doing so… unless at the end is a charming group of people creating a beautiful video using some of your prized pieces. We have been anxiously awaiting the release of this video, and Chase's team was gracious enough to point us to the People Magazine article announcing the new video and our pews' cameo in it!

Vintage church pews rented for Chase Rice's "Amen" music video | The Ruby | Nashville, TN
Chase Rice "Amen" video; still to show our vintage white church pews.
Vintage church pews rented for Chase Rice's "Amen" music video | The Ruby | Nashville, TN

The video was shot at Ruby Nashville, which is a rustic Baptist Church that has recently been redesigned as an event space. The beautiful space is complete with wood beam ceilings, a brick exterior, and the original hardwood floors. For any northern Alabama or Tennessee-based brides, this is a stunning venue that includes a large side deck and front and back courtyards, and it is one of the more sought after event spaces in Nashville.

A special thanks to videographer Cody Cannon; Matt Stubbs with Triple 8 Management; and of course Chase Rice! We're so thankful the team chose us and can't wait to visit Ruby again — though next time we plan to skip traffic and meet a gorgeous bride-to-be to help her plan her dream day.

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